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Second New Single Released by ScienceNV

Second New Single Released by ScienceNV

The Single Comes from Pacific Circumstances Album 

August 22nd, 2013, San Francisco, California – August 23rd sees the release of the latest single from ScienceNV. The single was extracted from Pacific Circumstances' closer, "The Ouroborus Variations." The fifth ("Fifteen Til Midnight") and sixth ("Personality Defect") movements are provided as a single track, as one merges into the next. ThePacific Circumstance album by ScienceNV recently gained wider distribution and to commemorate the band decided to release two singles from the album. The first of those singles came out on August 15th.  

San Francisco, based band ScienceNV was formed in 2005 by Larry Davis (guitar and bass guitar), David Graves (keyboards), Jim Henriques (guitar and keyboards) and Rich Kallet (drums). Their debut disc came Really Loud Noises arrived in 2008, followed by Pacific Circumstances (2010) and Last Album Before the End of Time (2013). While progressive rock is often considered to be lacking in humor, ScienceNV have a funny side to them, as saying the name out loud reveals. Both Pacific Circumstances and Last Album Before the End of Time are available at Amazon.com, CDBaby and ScienceNV.com. 

At the Progressive Rock Files Jerry Lucky said this about the Pacific Circumstances album, "Pacific Circumstances has a little bit of something for everyone, but most of all I'm always impressed with ScienceNV's ability to have fun and project it through their music... This is a nice step up on their first disc and shows them really mastering a personal sonic style... If you haven't checked'em out yet, don't hesitate any longer. It's a real treasure." The review at ProgNaut.com (by Prof) said, A good album for those who like their music to be challenging…t is good original music which invites you to experiment along with the band on new variations to the theme of their music. This is a good follow up to their earlier album. Full of new journeys inside the mind." 

For more information you can check out ScienceNV on the web athttp://www.sciencenv.com.
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