segunda-feira, agosto 26, 2013

Standing Ovation and the album "The Antikythera Mechanism"

Standing Ovation released their album "The Antikythera Mechanism" through Inverse Records in November. Within just a few months the album has gotten recognition worldwide, and in their home country it hit the Indie charts as the fourth best-selling album. The album also climbed up to be the 20th best-selling album on the official Finnish album charts.

In Soundi, one of the biggest and most influential music magazines in Finland, Standing Ovation managed to get up into four different categories in their annual readers' poll.

Newcomer of the Year: 3th place

The band of the Year: 5th place

Album of the Year: 6th place

Best live artist: 14th place

Standing Ovation mixes genres skillfully, gluing everything together with a heavy, metallic touch and their own rugged style. The band's strength is that they don't really sound like any other band. Their music is a must-hear for fans of progressive music with metal elements.

As said before, Standing Ovation's anticipated album "The Antikythera Mechanism" has now seen the daylight. The album partly deals with the ancient, highly sophisticated machine and the story is spiced with historical and science fiction elements. The album also has a wide range of surely surprising songs and themes.

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