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Aeon Zen introduce an exciting new competition, in conjunction with Sabre Guitars,

Aeon Zen introduce an exciting new competition, in conjunction with Sabre Guitars, where you can win a number of amazing prizes, including guitar pickups, huge guitar discounts, a guest solo and production of your song by Aeon Zen's Rich Hinks, guitar picks used to record the latest Aeon Zen album "Enigma" and CDs of said album.
All you have to do is record a video of yourself soloing over the Aeon Zen backing track!
To get started, go to www.aeonzen.com/competition
Competition demonstration video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ji_LW1qVhfo
The band had this to say about the competition: "Here is a very special competition that we've been working on for some time now. To go with the release of Aeon Zen's latest album "Enigma", and Sabre Guitars' expanding reach in the high-end guitar market, we are giving you one month to upload your most kick-ass solo along to our backing track, and you will stand a chance of winning some amazing Aeon Zen and Sabre prizes! Good luck everyone!"

AEON ZEN new album Enigma was released January 22, 2013 on Nightmare Records, distributed via Sony / RED. The album is available on CD and Digital Download at your favorite vendors that champion great music, or click through to the Nightmare website.

AEON ZEN hails from the United Kingdom, bringing to the world a rich blend of many rock, metal and progressive elements from soft emotive Introspection to brutal aggressive progressive and all points in between, giving this band a truly unique and enjoyable sound.

AEON ZEN are a progressive metal band formed in 2008 and released their debut album "A Mind's Portrait" in 2009, followed soon after by their second album "The Face of the Unknown" in 2010.  The track "Downfall" comes from their 2013 release "Enigma" and is their second single released for the album. Enigma has received rave reviews from all around the world.


01. Enter The Enigma  
02. Artificial Soul  
03. Divinity  
04. Seven Hills  
05. Warning  
06. Turned To Ash  
07. Still Human  
08. Eternal Snow  
09. Downfall  
+ CD ONLY Bonus Tracks  
10. Survival (Bonus Track)  
11. Time Divine 2.0 (Bonus Track)  


A Mind's Portrait (2009) -Time Divide Records        
The Face of the Unknown (2010) - Time Divide Records
Enigma (2013) - Nightmare Records

Core Lineup:
Rich Hinks - Guitar, Bass, Vocals
Andi Kravljaca - Vocals
Matt Shepherd - Guitar
Shaz - Keyboards
Steve Burton - Drums
Enigma features guest vocals by:
Nate Loosemore (Lost In Thought)
Atle Pettersen (Above Symmetry)
Jonny Tatum (Eumeria)

For More Info Visit:
Progressive Rock & Progressive Metal - E-Zine